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Let Our Children Go

A Place for Support, Research, and Comfort 

Find information to help you on your journey to reuniting with your loved one.

If your family member has not been separated from you, or, you are an advocate for the affected families-welcome. Hopefully, you will find the information here useful as well.

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  • Assistance Awaits                                    

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, other family member, or friend, take a look around for material you can use.

Join us on the path to reuniting with your loved one.

  • Why Was This Site Created? 

When learning of the nightmare of “protective” services, and the threat it poses to the family unit, a clearinghouse of information seemed to be missing.  A place that pulled together the multiple areas of research and resources that were available for those affected.

Aside from knowledge of the problem, it is our hope that you can find a place of comfort here, knowing that you are not alone in this fight.*

The righteous see it and rejoice, and all iniquity stops its mouth.

Psalm 107:42

* Disclaimer:  While this site is intended to provide a wide range of resources and research, please realize that we do not endorse any outside information that is linked throughout this site, nor do we offer any legal services.  Please use your own discernment when exploring the various links.

What Can I Do?

Gain Knowledge as You Work to Reunite With Your Family  

  • Discover information to help you grasp what is occurring
  • Find resources to help you take action
  • Meet others on the same journey as you

Take a look around the site for additional information.

You’re not alone.

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Fighting for the Future of Our Children

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