Have You Heard of Nancy Schaefer?

Any work committed to exposing and halting the unlawful separation of children from their families would not be complete without sharing the story of Nancy Schaefer.

Mrs. Schaefer was a former senator for the state of Georgia.  She claimed that her work to expose what Child Protective Services was doing to families cost her her senate seat.

But, did it also cost her her life?

She wrote a scathing report while serving in the Georgia Senate entitled “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services”.  If you are just starting your research into this tyrannical organization, this document should be one of the first things you read.

Before her death, Mrs. Schaefer was making public appearances trying to alert the people to the dangers of the child ‘welfare’ system.  You can listen to one of her speeches below.  In it she stated:

How do you tame Child Protective Services?

It may be only by closing it completely and starting over, at the beginning, with pro-family values

There has to be perseverance for any great reform…and great reform is needed in this area

At Let Our Children Go we will continue to persevere in working to expose and halt the destructive force that is ripping apart our families, and move toward restoring what has been lost.

We appreciate the work and dedication of Mrs. Nancy Schaefer and it is our hope that others will rise up with us to continue the mission.

In the speech below, Nancy referenced Proverbs 31:8 as a reminder to:

Speak up for those who can't speak for themselves

May we all be compelled to do just that.

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